Lane iRest - Luxury Memory Foam Twin Mattress Set

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Tired of waking up tired each morning, feeling like you didn't even get any sleep during the night? Then take advantage of Lane's iRest Luxury Visco Twin Mattress Set featuring an .75" luxury gel visco memory foam. Offering the remarkable pressure relief and rejuvenating benefits of memory foam at a price too good to pass up, this mattress will help you stay asleep all night. An orthopedically supportive material, memory foam conforms and contours to your body's natural curves and movements while you sleep, relaxing away bone and joint pain that can be caused by traditional mattresses. This mattress offers a 6" supportive high density base foam to give stability, durability, and longevity to the mattress while the .75" top layer of premium gel visco memory foam structured to gently caress you to sleep. Memory Foam is a naturally hypoallergenic material, and this particular memory foam's open cell structure enables greater air flow between the mattress and its environment resulting in a cooler night's sleep. This mattress set is also backed by a ten-year non-prorated warranty for your security.
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Product Length 75
Product Height 17
Product Depth 38
Fabric Details Visco Firm
% of 100
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