Why Shop at Surplus Furniture?

Furniture is the third largest purchase you will make in your life; right up there with cars and houses. Finding the right items for you that will fit your home and your wallet is difficult to say the least! So why shop at Surplus Furniture and Mattress Warehouse? The answer is – we make it simple.

Warehouse Environment
Many retailers invest a lot of money into showcasing their products to the consumer, using fancy displays, complete with wall coverings and accessories. Now this model poses a few problems; One, these displays incur lofty costs which then get layered into the retail price of the products. And Two, these showrooms reduce the size of the warehouse space, forcing retailers to rely heavily on distribution centers to warehouse their inventory. This creates long lead times for delivery, normally 2 to 3 weeks. So not only are consumers overpaying for their furniture, but they have to wait for their delivery. An inefficient model to say the least.

At Surplus Furniture you won't be paying for fancy showrooms or displays. Make no mistake, Surplus Furniture is a warehouse environment. No fancy showrooms, no fancy displays, just the lowest possible price on brand name, brand new, top quality furniture. Also, since Surplus Furniture is a warehouse environment, it means a lot of warehouse space for our furniture and all in-stock furniture is ready for Same Day Delivery. So low cost, brand name furniture, all ready for same day delivery is a very efficient model.

Let's face it, we don't have extra money sitting in the bank. With increasing energy costs, property taxes, tuition fees and food costs, the cost of living has gone up 28% in the last 30 years. Has your salary? According to Stats, salaries have only increased by 14%, so the 14% difference, is why financing options are a game changer when it comes to purchasing furniture.
Most retailers have 24 month, 36 month, 48 months financing options, which is great, but remember, each option comes with a great cost to the consumer. For instance, 48 months financing normally comes with admin fees, and a lofty 30% interest fee. So that $1200 sofa set, on a 48 month financing plan, could cost you over $3,000.

Surplus Furniture does provide financing option just like the competitors, except in a shorter term to save you money. Surplus Furniture also has a Layaway option as well. If you want an alternative to the no credit payment plan route, you may want to consider our approved layaway program. Layaway is a system of paying a deposit to secure your piece of furniture for later purchase. The day you set up your layaway plan, it guarantees the price and locks you in. So, while this may not get your furniture home today, you can start a plan today to get your furniture home very soon, at no interest.

All this seems great, right? But you're probably wondering about delivery. Why can most places offer free delivery? While its true, some retail stores offer Free Delivery, but as the old saying going, "the devil is in the details". For instance, the free delivery is normally contingent on a purchase amount, or only on specified area's and at the very least, is worked into the price of the items. So the question most consumers must ask themselves, would you purchase a sofa set at a higher cost, as long as it came with free delivery that you might not even use?

Simple, fast and affordable – three, and certainly not the only, reasons to shop at Surplus Furniture.